We are thrilled to announce we are re-launching our in-person camera classes, back by popular demand. Current dates:

Monday January 15th (MLK day): 2:00 - 4:00PM

Saturday 20th: 10:00am - 12:00PM

Located at our historic downtown photography studio:
19 Prince St. Rochester, NY 14607

How many times have you seen a moment unfolding that you wanted to remember forever... but by the time you figured out how to set your camera, that moment had slipped away?
Or you look at the back of your camera after photographing a gorgeous sunset that is vibrant in real life, only to be confused as to why the photo looks lackluster and washed out?
Did you buy a camera to take photos to promote your business or brand, but your photos don't ever come out quite right or accurately represent your work?
Photography is technical. And your user's manual is NOT an instructional guide, which is why we've built this course. It's designed to teach you everything you need to know to start taking photos you'll cherish for a lifetime! Even if you haven't taken your camera out of the box, or if you haven't used your camera since you had to put film in it - this course is for you.

I'm Natalie Sinisgalli-Kettavong

As a professional photographer for over 15 years, I have photographed thousands of portrait clients (and even a few famous ones). With a technical degree in Imaging & Photographic Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, I have a deep understanding of photography. I would venture to say, I know entirely too much about how your camera works. That being said, I've trained many aspiring photographers with ZERO technical skills how they too can get their settings right every time.

natalie holding camera
I am more than just a photographer to my clients, I am the photo expert in their lives. Many of them at one point or another would email me - “Hey Natalie, I'm going to buy a camera! What model do you recommend?”. I would ask them what they wanted to take photos of, what their budget was, take a quick tour of the internet to see which models would best fit their needs, and reply back with a few links. Unfortunately, this story almost always had the same ending. The next time I'd see them I'd ask them how they were enjoying their new camera, and a vague look of dread would wash over their face. “Oh, um – it's great” they would say.... and when pressed, they would sheepishly reveal that their brand new shiny toy was living back in the box.
That camera you just spent hundreds of dollars on is back in the box?!
Their excitement of purchasing a new camera was quickly replaced with frustration. "What are all these buttons?" "Why aren't my photos automatically better?" "How do I use this thing?" "I'm scared I'm going to break it." That sick feeling in their stomach of wasted money and wasted opportunity was not due to the fact that they had bought the wrong camera – it was because they didn't know how to use the camera they had just bought!
And of course they didn't!
It's like buying a new car without knowing how to drive ... or fancy cookware without knowing the first thing about cooking. The fanciest gadgets in the world aren't worth a dime if you don't know how to use them.
The worst part about this scenario isn't even the wasted money... it's the wasted opportunities. I think of all the family dinners, holidays, soccer games, art projects and backyard photo ops that were never captured. Memories and moments that won't be shared with your loved ones. The reason these people wanted to buy a new camera wasn't so that they could OWN a new camera... it was so they could USE it to capture and celebrate their lives with the ones they love.
I knew I wanted to help.

Years ago on a Monday afternoon I made a live video called “Who Got A Camera For Christmas?”. In this video I shared three very simple camera tips, and asked if anyone wanted me to teach a photo class.

facebook post of natalie "who got a camera for xmas?"
That video got over 1,000 views and comment after comment of people sharing their camera struggles. The following Sunday I announced dates for 2 camera classes I'd be teaching – I booked all 20 spots in four days. A week later I opened up another 10 spots and filled those too. I was starting to realize I was onto something... people needed help learning how to use their cameras.
The reality is, most of the people that buy cameras will never actually learn how to make the most of the cameras they've bought. They will shoot in AUTO, always feeling like there is more potential to be unlocked... but not knowing where to start. They'll hear advice like “open up your f/stop” or “don't blow out your highlights”, and nod while having no idea what these things mean. They'll read articles on how to achieve “narrow depth of field”, how to “drag their shutter” - and leave more confused than before they read it. They'll feel like maybe if they just buy the *right* lens, or if they start using their tripod, their photos will magically become better.

What Won't Work...


  • TRIAL AND ERROR – Pressing random buttons on your camera will not get you closer to taking better photos any faster than driving without directions would get you to your desired destination.

  • YOUR CAMERA MANUAL – Your manual will tell you where the buttons and settings on your camera are, but not when or why you would change them. It's also written by (and for) robots.

  • ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY FORUMS – This is where photography trolls lurk in the shadows of the internet just waiting to make you feel bad about not knowing the answers to the questions you went on there to ask.

  • OSMOSIS - Using your 100 page “Photography For Dummies” book as a pillow will not transmit the knowledge directly into your brain. It didn't work in high school, and unfortunately it won't work now.

  • YOUTUBE VIDEOS  – Spending HOURS watching countless disjointed tutorials in an attempt to solve isolated issues while never learning start-to-finish how all the elements fit together within the “bigger picture” of photography is a one-way ticket to overwhelm.

  • BUYING MORE EQUIPMENT – There is no magic lens or accessory that will instantly “fix” your photos, despite what every camera store on the planet would have you believe. Isn't that the thinking that got you here in the first place?


After trying some or all of the tactics above, most people end up afraid to even touch the buttons on their cameras for fear of breaking it ... so they simply resign themselves to shooting in AUTO until they die.


There is a better solution, friends.


Through teaching small in-person classes over and over, I learned where my students were getting tripped up, and what their frustrations were. At the end of EVERY class I had them write down 1.) What they learned 2.) What they were confused about 3.) What they were hoping to learn next time. I re-worked the curriculum after every single class... fine tuning it based on my students' responses. I learned which lessons and examples really helped things “click” in their brains, and which things I could skip entirely. The last thing I wanted was extraneous information taking up space in their brains, so we could devote all their energy to the bare minimum of information they needed to start taking better photos immediately.


After teaching 39 in-person classes at my studio over the last three years, I finally perfected my curriculum. I've exactly learned what I need to teach (and what I DON'T need to teach!) to get ANYONE using their cameras to create beautiful images in no time.



This course will teach you how take images that aren't too bright or too dark, with accurate color, and focus. We'll discuss useful shortcuts, like Priority Shooting Modes, and Exposure Compensation. We'll dive into how to create interesting and unique images with composition techniques such as Rule of Thirds and Leading Lines. And most importantly, how all of these skills add up to being able to tell a story with your images. You'll also learn which buttons you can safely ignore :)

What we'll cover:

1. The Basics

• Anatomy of your camera

• Buttons Overview  

• Set-it-and-forget-it settings

• File type pros and cons

(JPG vs. RAW)

2. Technical Foundation

• White balance - Auto, Preset Options, Custom

• Focus - Auto focus modes

• Exposure - Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Auto Shooting Modes

3. Artistic Techniques

• Lighting - Direction, Quality, Common scenarios

• Composition - Orientation, Leading Lines, Rule of Thirds

4. Summary & Parting Tips

• Best practices & Care for your camera

• Backing up your photos

• Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for you if:


  • You have a camera you are not 100% comfortable using
  • Your excitement about photography has turned to frustration
  • Your photos don't look how you want them to, and you have no idea why
  • You're stuck shooting in AUTO, and can't make your photos look how you want them to
  • You love taking photos, and want to level up your skills

Even if:


  • You have ZERO previous training
  • It's still new in the box
  • Your digital camera is 10 years old
  • The extent of your knowledge is that the lens faces out when you take a photo :)

"What if I've never used my camera before?"

This course is designed to be a full comprehensive guide to getting you started with your camera. We cover everything, including an overview of which button to press to take the photo :)


"What if I already have some experience shooting? Will this course be too basic for me?"

I have had “self-taught” veteran professional photographers take my course who have shot for years but never received any formal training in photography. This course is for anyone looking to gain comfort level, speed and accuracy selecting their camera settings.


"What if I haven't used a camera since I had to put film in it?"

This course is designed for you. I was actually trained in film, so that was also my base of knowledge when I learned how to use a digital camera!

"What if my camera is old?"

No problem at all. Even if your camera is 10 years old – it will still have all the features needed to make the most out of this class. All you need is the ability to control your exposure – the rest of the features on newer cameras are just perks! I originally learned on film too ;)



"What if I have a mirrorless camera?"

This entire course will apply to you as long as you are able to set the exposure settings on your camera, or at least have Exposure Compensation (a quick google search for your camera model will tell you if you do!). Even if not – many parts of the course (including lighting, focal length, story telling and composition) will still apply!


"Can teens take this course?"

This course is perfect for a teen who is interested in photography!

"How long will it take to complete the course?"

The sum of the video lessons is 2.5 hours.

"Do I have to take the course at a certain time?"

No! You receive immediate access when you purchase the course, you may take it whenever you'd like – and can start and stop it if you get interrupted or want to go test out what you just learned.

I'm ready to start taking better photos today!

What our students have to say:

Kris Guererri

"I had some minor photography training from back in the day but it had been so long since I'd picked up a camera that I had forgotten the basics. This class helped get me back up to speed and taught me some great new tricks too. After learning from Natalie, I took one of my favorite photos of my daughter and it was properly exposed without needing to Photoshop it. I couldn't ask for a better result than that!!

Angelia S.

"I had some minor photography training from back in the day but it had been so long since I'd picked up a camera that I had forgotten the basics. This class helped get me back up to speed and taught me some great new tricks too. After learning from Natalie, I took one of my favorite photos of my daughter and it was properly exposed without needing to Photoshop it. I couldn't ask for a better result than that!!

Angela D.

"Photography has always been a hobby of mine but I wanted a better understanding of how to really use my camera and how to take better and more artistic pictures. I now understand how to get a blurred background portrait and how to take clear action pictures of my niece's lacrosse games. I learned so much about lighting and finished the course feeling empowered to move people into the right place and right light to get the best shot. This course is worth every penny!"

Colleen Flood

“I wanted to be able to capture the moments of my friends, family, (and future children!) through more interesting photographs. I was sick of the same-old everyday pictures, that came with shooting in “auto”. I'd recently purchased a new camera (the Canon M50 mirrorless) - but the last time I really used a camera was with film and a dark room! I looked through all different types of courses to give me a basic understanding of my camera and how the heck to use it, but they all seemed over my head – until I found Camera Bootcamp.


THIS COURSE WAS PERFECT FOR ME. The layout of the lessons was perfectly organized and so easy to follow. Natalie is well spoken and pleasant to listen to- I found my mind was 100% focused on the course.....this is rare for me!!!


I used to think bright sunlight was the best to take a picture in, but after this course I now know what light to look for to get the shading I was so desperately missing from my photographs. I also used to struggle to take good pictures of my dog Marvel because he is pure white (photos always gave a dull tint to his coat). Now that I know how to use white balance and exposure compensation, his true color shows up in pictures exactly how I want.


I now have the photo skills to beautifully tell the story of my own life. It is all thanks to Natalie and her team! I cannot thank them enough!"

Jill Samson

"Natalie’s course took me from someone that was afraid to touch any buttons on my camera to someone who was confident enough to change my settings for the environment in front of me to get the best shot! The course is laid out in an easy to follow along sequence with clear and precise direction. Natalie is so friendly and relatable, making the course not only interesting but fun! I cannot wait for the next course!"


The first 10 people to sign up for our in-person January 2024 classes will get lifetime access to the online version of Camera Bootcamp.

You can revisit the ENTIRE COURSE any time you need, as you're learning, or as your photographic interests evolve!



Check the FAQs above, or email us: [email protected] :)